Monday, May 11, 2009

First Day of Interning

Welp, it's my first day at my first internship here at Linemark! They basically just stuck us in the back corner and told us to get settled for an hour and 15 minutes. I wasn't really sure what to do, so I tried Facebook, and luckily it's not blocked! I mean, I know not to get on it when I'm trying to work, so I won't be stupid about it, but it's good to know that I can at least check it if I have a moment or I'm on a break or something.

I was really nervous about coming in today, but it's a good nervous. I think I still have butterflies though because we have to go to a production meeting at 9:15, then I think we're going on a little tour or something. I'm not sure. We're supposed to get an itinerary but we haven't gotten it yet.

Okay, I don't really know what else to write yet since we haven't done anything. Plus my stupid keyboard is extremely loud. Stupid PCs...


Friday, May 1, 2009

First Post!

I haven't "blogged" in a veryyyy long time. I used to use LiveJournal, but nobody really uses that anymore. I hate the word "blog"... It sounds really nerdy. But I just felt like sometimes it's good to record things that happen in my life, or just get things off my chest.

So it's about 6:45 am....I haven't gone to sleep yet. I'm still not even that tired, but that's probably because I slept all day yesterday, took Adderall, and got some McDonald's Iced Coffee. That was a funny story... I heard my neighbor Craig outside the door, and he wanted to drive his drunken self to McDonald's, but I told him I wouldn't let him drive, so I decided to take him. I didn't mind having a break from studying anyway. So we waited in a long line at McDonald's (this was at like 3:15 am...everyone had the same idea) and we got up to order and find out that they're only accepting cash. Well, nobody carries cash these days, so we had to go to the ATM machines by the stadium, get cash, then go back. On the way back, I was like, "Hey, you know what we should do? Watch Twilight!" so we did. I tried to study while watching the movie, and only looking up when Edward was on there. Needless to say, he liked it! Yay, Twilight!

Speaking of Twilight, I'm totally obsessed with those books, and I am REALLY sad that I've read all four of them and that there are no more. Ughhh. I need some other saga that's equally as good to come out to give me something to look forward to in fantasy world. I do have  six of the Harry Potter books though. I've read 1-3 and part of the 4th one, but it's been so long, I've forgotten a lot of it anyway. Not like I'm going to have time this summer...

Yeah, so, today at 11:30 is my last final exam (in GC 310). Then I move to Maryland in ONE WEEK, holy crap! I'm definitely not ready. I still have to pack everything up, go to like 4 different appointments, spend time with my love, see some friends, buy a bunch of business clothes...gah! I hope I like my internship though. It's at a company called Linemark, which is in Upper Marlboro, MD. I'll be doing some kind of sales/marketing/customer service type of internship, and I'm not sure what all that entails. I guess I'm good with people or something...?

I start working on May 11th, then start my online Accounting 202 class May 18th. What a break...but hey, I did find out that I made an A in physics! That was really exciting. Now I just need an A in my sex class, an A in GC 310, and a passing grade in HR management. I would prefer to get a C, but we'll see how much the extra credit helps...

Totally random, but ohhhhh my Lord, the birds around here are REALLY loud and annoying! The super annoying ones start chirping at like 3 or 3:30 am. I only hear them when I'm pulling an all-nighter because they are in the trees RIGHT outside my window! Sometimes it's nice when birds chirp, but I promise you, these are not the pleasant chirps; they're constant annoying ones. Even more annoying when you're trying to study for an exam you're stressed out about.

Okay, gotta get back to studying. Only a few more hours! :)